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VEE-GREEN manufacture and provide all kinds of plastic crates, including nestable and stackable style, foldable style and reversible style to save space in the delivery vehicle, return transport or warehouse, offering up to 75% volume reduction. We also provide different sizes and styles of plastic containers, boxes, and trays to increase efficiency of inventory control and reduce logistics costs.

Our Plastic Crate Manufacturer

Plastic Crates are very simple products. It doesn’t need much high techonolgy to produce them.  But that does not mean they are not importent. In fact, they have great infulence on your moving and storage. If proply designed, they can help you work faster, safer, and more efficient. As a professional plastic crate manufacture, Vee-Green devote to designing, manufacturing and providing you the suitable plastic crates, plastic storage containers, boxes, bins to solve your storage problem.  We have hundreds of different sizes of plastic crates to meet your demand in various situation. 


Vee-Green profession mould developping team can help you design a special plastic crate according to the specification you need.  The most important specification is the size(length, width and height) and weight. We can decide the thickness of the wall according to the loading weight you require. Tell us if you want it to be mesh style or solid style. We can also produce the mould based on the usage,  but please describe your demand in detail so that we can design the suitable plastic crate for you. According to your detailed demand, we will make a 3D drawing. And after the confirmation of the drawing,  3D printing samples can be provided to help you test if the plastic crate is what you have in mind.

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